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Kuala Lumpur has recently become a popular tourist attraction with the amazing activities available to indulge in and places to visit, along with the relaxing atmosphere to take your mind off your monotonous daily routine. Kuala Lumpur is also known for the array of dishes it employs from several nationalities. Here are 3 restaurants you should consider dining at when visiting Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Ristorante L'Opera
    Visiting Kuala Lumpur and perusing through the city you'd find an abundance of Indian, Malaysian and Chinese restaurants, Italian food is not as common but Ristorante L'Opera is one of the finest in Italian cuisine. Situated in the centre of the Bukit Bintang city, the restaurant features a pleasant atmosphere encompassed with a wooden feel to the surrounding, it consists of separate areas in the form of a pizza bar, deli bar and a pasta bar among others. The food is tantalizing, consisting of a variety of dishes to choose from (excluding pork) which includes pizza and pasta dishes savored with chicken, fish and egg to add to the flavor.

  2. Baan 26 Restaurant
    Baan 26 has been providing the finest of Thai dishes for two years, setup in Changkat, this restaurant stands out with its striking exterior, dining at Baan 26 is just as striking with their amazing range of Thai dishes available. Baan 26 is known for providing natural, traditional Thai dishes unlike some of the ‘modern’ variants of thai cuisine served in other restaurants in Malaysia. Dishes consist of rice cooked with a traditional Thai recipe; other delicacies accompanied with the main rice meal would be steamed fish, baked chicken and a touch of lime to add to the flavor.

  3. Cochine Restaurant and Bar
    Part of IndoChine, located at Jalan Doraisamy, at first site, CoChine consists of a very welcoming atmosphere, with beautiful sculptures erected at the entrance, the bar accompanied with a very natural feel thanks to the banyan tree in the centre of it, features a comprehensive wine list consisting of wine from all around the globe, which is also available with the restaurant menu. The dishes provided are a combination of 3 nationalities, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam all of them comprising of dishes rich in spices. Dishes include Cha Gio (spring rolls), Samla Marakat (roasted duck) and Xin Lord (dried beef).

Those are 3 of the best restaurants among dozens situated in Kuala Lumpur, apart from the above, there are plenty of restaurants serving local and Chinese food as well. Obviously Kuala Lumpur Nightlife is not Las Vegas Nightlife, but it's amazing none the less. Check our extended Kuala Lumpur restaurants guide over here.